Podcasts are almost FREEEEE!

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast are most of the time commercial free digital audio file made on the internet for downloading to a computer, mobile device, and often downloaded though web syndication. Typically podcasts are available as a series and are usually three lengths: ten minutes, thirty minutes, or sixty minutes. 

There are three primary formats to choose from : Presentation, Question and Answer, or Co-hosted. Certain formats may lend themselves to different lengths more easily. When creating podcasts, it is important to keep in mind the following: Choose an articulate moderator, create talking points, not scripts, brevity, avoid over editing, and include music.

With podcasts your in control. You can rewind a podcast, you can play it over and over, you can pause it, you can store it wherever you want, you can delete it when you want, and you can listen to what you want, when you want, and how you want.

Who makes them?

Anyone can create his or her own “radio”-style show and broadcast it to the world in very little time and at very little cost. All you need is a computer, a mic and the internet.  All over the world, people are creating podcasts on subjects ranging from movies, to technology, to music, to politics and whatever else you can think of. This is new original content made by passionate people who want to share their creativity with the world.

How can you find them?

Podcasts can be found on websites such as Youtube or Itunes.


Two links that are examples of Podcasts in use are:

You made it weird by Pete Holmes who is a stand up comedian who acts as a guest therapist and his guest are usually other comedians. His podcasts have 3 major topics that it hits comedy, sexuality, and religion. ITS A FREE PODCAST !!

Doug Loves Movies by Doug Benson which as movie related podcast with 3 or more comedians to join on stage and contribute things to a prize bag that is won by an audience member.


Podcasts for a marketing purpose :

Are extremely important in making your viewers or consumers feel included and important resulting in the consumers starting to invest interest in your business and they will grow along with you. Podcasts have the advantage of both sharing information and putting a humans voice or face to on the brand.

Podcasts are inexpensive. With little time and energy invested a small business can generate a following that will leave their competition behind.  The low cost makes podcasts a boon to start-up companies and marketing departments that are on a tight budget. Although they are inexpensive podcasts requires a strong commitment to creating content that is tailored to the marketing objectives.

More important than direct revenue are the advantages a brand can gain from regular podcasting. Speaking persuasively about a field demonstrates confidence and expertise, helping to distinguish a company as a thought leader in the industry.

Marketers can use catchy visuals such as animation an animal or visual content that can be important to what they are trying to market. Visuals can often be easier to understand and follow then just someone speaking about them. Podcasts are online videos that help get a companies point across.


One thought on “Podcasts are almost FREEEEE!

  1. Nice post. At the end, you mentioned that “Podcasts are online videos that help get a companies point across”. This is video podcasts. It is a new “version” of podcasts which is defined in your post as “commercial free digital audio file”. So, when you are writing or using others definition, remember to cite the source and to be consistent. In this case, “video podcast” is a useful tool for marketeers, but they different from “podcast”, ok?


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