Will E-Books take over?

First of all what is an E-Book you ask?

Whattttt have you been living under a rock? E-Books are electronic online books that are becoming increasingly popular over the past couple years and like a normal paperback book they have cover art, an author, editor, illustrator, publisher, and story. E-Books are available in many different genres such as children’s books, every day novels, and even textbooks for students in school.

E-Books can be used by everyone because they are so light, convenient, and can contain so many books, even those people arthritis who find heavy books difficult to hold (or painful), no longer have to worry. They are also access able to anyone with a smart phone (which these days is everyone). Children at home can use E-Books for every day stories but hopefully one day school children will get to have electronic textbooks so they won’t need heavy backpacks that damage their spines.  ***Electronic textbooks can already be found for sale in America, but are not yet common in the school system.

A few common questions asked about E-Books are:

How do I read it? Do I have to use the computer? 

The answer is NO you don’t have to strictly use a computer even though yes they are provided to them. Most people tend to use IPads, Tablets, or their smartphones. An example of an E-Book is Kindle which is a device created by Amazon that allows a person to buy a book or subscribe to an electronic version of a newspaper and download it directly to their Kindle for future usage.

Do I need to have a special software?

Yes and No, Some books you can use your normal software but others do require special software but that software can usually be found online for free you just have to look for them.

Why would I want to use E-Books over reading normal printed books?

There are a few reasons that E-Books have been found better to use:  Many people who find reading print books uncomfortable, inconvenient or even unhealthy. Due to the paper dust, people with dust allergies find E-Books a godsend.

Also if you are looking for particular text you can search an E-Book very quickly using a “find” function, which is much better than skimming through a print book for the item you are looking for.

In some formats, on some reading devices, you can also highlight the text without damaging the file. Unlike a print book and highlighter pen, which is impossible to remove when you are finished with it.

Another cool thing about E-Books is that they generate leads!! As a marketing tool, E-Books are unique because they don’t seem like a marketing tactic. Using E-Books to entertain, you can offer your company’s expertise to a targeted audience. You can use customer questions and concerns and turn them into case studies, having an industry expert then show how customer’s issues were solved.

Marketers employing a hard-sell will find potential customers running from the idea like they’re being chased by a bear. But with an E-Book, not only can you control the content, you can control the tone, making it seem less like a marketing scheme and inviting customers to come looking for your product or service, instead of the other way around. Adding videos, audio, and appealing graphics makes it exciting for the customer.

If it was my new company I would absolutely be making sure that I had my brand connected to as many E-Book websites and connections that I possibly could because in I feel that in the future E-Books are going to take over and paperback/hardcover books are going to slowly be removed from existence.




2 thoughts on “Will E-Books take over?

  1. Excellent post! I like you sense of humor!
    I pretty much covered everything! Thank you! But careful with colours, ok? The magenta (or pink) is hard to the eyes and people may feel uncomfortable and stop reading your blog. I almost missed the links on E-book and Kindle words!
    Oh, about that: loved that e-book link! I’ll definitely subscribe! 🙂


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