Sharing Photos and Images 101

Have you ever?

Have you ever heard of Flickr, Dropbox, or Photobucket? Well if not these are FREE photo sharing sites that you can share photos and images directly to for the public to see or for private consumption. These websites allow for people to comment, rate, and tag your pictures. There are more sites then just these believe me you just have to search for them. They are super fun to use and even let you set up your own galleries or albums to keep your photos organized.

Here is what Smug Mug’s photo sharing page would look like after being set up.


What would you post photos of ? 

Well lots of things silly…  these pages are for you to do whatever you want with them. Photos of yourself, your work, art work, places you have gone, places you would like to go, food you have recently eaten, and even of your pets. You can use your site to inspire others or just to have quick and easy access for yourself.  Just 15 years ago you would have to go out and buy a book just to flip through the pages to get inspired when looking for something. Where now you just have to go online and type in keywords into the search bar on these sights and the public pages will give you instant access to photos that are in the same category your looking for. Everyone like saving time and money.

I have to warn you though, if you want to use these sites you need to make sure before you post that you understand how to set your privacy policies if you don’t want others to see what you are sharing.

If a message is released to the public but no one remembers it, did it really happen?

Communicating does no good if it’s not retained by your audience. Today, it’s easy for information to get lost or ignored if it’s not in a digestible format. Integrating visual content can boost how much your audience absorbs and remembers. 

Studies show our brains not only process visuals faster, but they retain and transmit much more information when it’s delivered visually.


Lets say you are going to use one of these sites from a marketing standpoint because well your and artist and want to start selling your art work.

There are several advantages to photo sharing:

1)Photos can be used to showcase your art work 2) document offers 3)influences a buyers mood

But……most importantly images of an art piece can spark and interest and online buzz, leading to sales for your company. Don’t shy away from posting pictures online of your art the benefits of getting your name and work out there to the public definitely out way the potential risks of someone trying to steal your work, or secrets. While image sharing can help draw traditional press attention, it is perhaps even more effective at driving web traffic towards an artists website. These kind of websites are treated kindly by Google. This reality makes photos sharing a natural complement to other tools in a social media marketing. Also the most important and best part of course is that the cost, in both money and effort, is low and often FREE!!



One thought on “Sharing Photos and Images 101

  1. Good! The most important thing on image sharing nowadays is that people steal images from Google and don’t realize that it is illegal. Image sharing is a important tool to help people retain information, as you said, but you have to be sure about the copyright and intellectual property rights.


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