Any First Time Moms out there? Q&A Sites are the best for help

Have you ever wondered or worried about something that is going on with your pregnancy? What is happening to me? Is this supposed to happen? Why is this happening? You’ve never done this before you have no idea. You feel silly to ask but you need to know if this is normal so you will quit worrying. Well instead of asking a family member or friend who is most likely going to downplay it or just tell you to stop worrying. You can go online for answers on Q & A websites. Other moms who may be first time moms going through the same thing or moms who have had multiple pregnancies  are going to give you their experiences or honest truths. You can be anonymous if you feel more comfortable it wont change peoples answers.

These Q&A (question and answer) sites let people pose questions and receive answers back from anyone willing and hopefully knowledgeable enough to reply.  These sites are also good for providing fast answers by being able to look up questions that have already been asked and someone may have already answered.

An example of these kind of sites is Baby Center has a Q&A’s page that you can go to ask questions such as how far along am I in my pregnancy, etc. Where other moms will give you their opinions and answers.

Or you can go to which is a website that you can directly ask your question in the search bar and it will direct you to many different websites that has information on the topic you are trying to search.

However, Q&A sites are great for information they are not intended or appropriate sites to promote a product. A benefit of a Q&A site though is that it can help build links back to personal profiles or a product page, drawing more attention from the target audience than you think. Providing valuable answers is the core of any successful Q&A site member’s strategy. By communicating about topics with unique insight, these platforms are a perfect avenue for building thought leadership online.


One thought on “Any First Time Moms out there? Q&A Sites are the best for help

  1. Good examples. I liked the Baby Center link (but you forgot to set WordPress to open this link on a new tab). For marketing purpose, the main thing Q&A sites can do for your company is provide you insights to your FAQ page, so you can answer a lot of questions and when someone is trying to answer something related to your company or your product, they may refer your website. It will help you to build credibility.
    Thank you for your posts, I enjoyed it! 🙂
    You should think about create your own blog!


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