Twitter is the new Microblogging

Microblogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging that allows users to create short messages to be posted and shared with an audience online. Social platforms like Twitter have become extremely popular forms of this new type of blogging, especially on the mobile web. Making it much more convenient to communicate with people compared to the days when desktop web browsing and interaction was the norm.


You may be using a microblogging website already without even knowing it!!

As it turns out, short but frequent social posting online is exactly what most people want, given that so many of us browse the web from our mobile devices when we’re out on the go and our attention spans are shorter than ever. So websites such as Twitter is one of the oldest and most well-known social platforms to be put under the “microblogging” category. While the 140-character limit still exists today, you can now also share videos, articles links, photos, sound clips, and more through Twitter Cards in addition to regular text.

Another website that is known for microblogging is Instagram which is like a photo journal for wherever you go. Rather than uploading multiple photos to an album the way we used to do via the desktop web on Facebook or Flickr, Instagram lets you post one photo at a time to show where you are and what you’re doing.

Microblogging is important for these three reasons:

Less time spent developing content: It takes time to write or put together content for a lengthy blog post. With microblogging, on the other hand, you can post something new that takes as little as a few seconds to write or develop.

Less time spent consuming individual pieces of content: Because microblogging is such a popular form of social media on mobile devices, it’s worth being able to quickly get the idea of the post in a short, straight to the point format without needing to read or watch something that takes too much time.

The opportunity for more frequent posts: Traditional blogging involves longer but less frequent posts while microblogging involves the opposite posts are short and more frequent. Since you’re saving so much more time by focusing on just posting short pieces, you can afford to post more frequently keeping up with the times and the information you are tweeting is not old.

Starting your own business? or has your boss has asked you to help market the company?

These are some reasons why microblogging using social network sites such as Twitter can assist you in almost any marketing goal.

Twitter helps increase brand awareness, connect with customers, providing support, and distributing information. When using Twitter you can reach a large audience ,or people with common interests, in just moments of when you “tweeted” or after using a popular hashtag. Twitter is used by companies to catch peoples attention. So many people these days are using Twitter so why not use it to their advantage. After tweeting a short blurb of what they are trying to promote at that time and leaving a link for followers who are interested further in what the Tweet was about can click on the link and be directed to a website for further sales and information.

An example would be when a realtor Tweets something on Twitter about perhaps an office space, or warehouse, or new home that just came onto the market.

Below is an example of a Tweet about a warehouse for rent. This may spark peoples interest and as it says in the tweet “Call for our Details” since the name of the company is there for them to look further into.



One thought on “Twitter is the new Microblogging

  1. Thank you for example on Twitter usage. Don’t you think that maybe they should’ve been used a link to their contact information or images for the warehouse to get people’s attention?


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